Korial/Garad Benarasi

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Color: Red

Style: Dual border


The term Korial is derived from the word ‘kora’ meaning plain or blank. Garad-Korial sarees are gorgeous versions of the simple garad sarees. The white/off-white silk base of the saree is plusher and the coloured border and pallav are more ornamental with intricate and elaborate motifs. The richer fabric and the complexity of the weavings add to the grandeur of Garad-Korial sarees.Korial-Banarasi sarees are ‘kora’ or white Banarasi sarees. They are lavish silk sarees with a white/cream base and the characteristic heavy gold/silver embellishments of Benarasi sarees, adorning the pallav and border. They make for fine wedding-wear, especially for older women in the family accompanying the bride.