The journey of Rihyaaz was started in the year 2011 by our founder Debjani Ghosh. The mission of Rihyaaz Fashions is to not only uplift the traditions and culture of India but also its society. Our quest for authenticity takes us back to the natural techniques, where each fabric is woven to tell the intricate story of Indian handicrafts.
Supporting the weaving clusters of the most rural parts of India, Rihyaaz aims to preserve and empower local art. It is a desinger apparel house dealing with handicraft and customised range of ethnic wear, western wear, fusion wear and designer wear.

Artists can never be replaced by machines. At Rihyaaz Fashions, we believe in celebrating the indigenous community of artists who have preserved the rich heritage of Indian handloom for generations. Our designs are steeped in traditional skills of weaving, patchwork and embroidery, which constitutes the very foundation of Indian handicraft.
As a brand that symbolizes the empowerment of local art, Rihyaaz Fashions encourages women from the less privileged sections of the society to acquire new skills and build an identity for themselves.
As the world trembled under the grasp of a pandemic, Rihyaaz stood firmly beside the local community, to provide them with the opportunity to earn a living and develop the confidence to contribute towards leading the country towards progress.
Our highly skilled team blends innovation with traditional art, handcrafting each fabric with love and passion. What makes our collections stand apart is the value we create by making locally and getting accepted globally!

Over the years, Rihyaaz Fashions has earned several accolades for practicing fashion that makes a difference in the world.
Rihyaaz Fashions has strived towards the upliftment of underprivileged women by training them with the necessary skills to earn a living and build a life that they love. This effort has helped us to earn the recognition of the Best Boutique Employing Socially Challenged Women, in the year 2019.
Then again we have been honored As the Pride of Bharat, 2021, and Pride of Bengal, 2021, we have been recognized for upholding the values of environmental sustainability through innovative and creative business practices and for helping society overcome the challenging times of the pandemic.
In the year 2022, Rihyaaz Fashions has been identified as the Best Eco-centric Brand for joining the global environmental concern toward the sustainable transformation of fashion.
Rihyaaz Fashions is actively associated with WIN Foundation, which welcomes women from all over India to develop themselves as independent individuals in society.